T H E  S T O R Y  B E H I N D   T H E   B R A N D 

Sophie Pittom is a ethical luxury ready-to-wear label based in the UK by mother and daughter duo

Sophie & Samantha Pittom. 

Our collections are defined by easy-to-wear cotton pieces that are uniquely embellished, and always finished by hand exclusively in the UK. We aim to create beautifully detailed pieces using lace from sustainable sources to form an aesthetic that is ultra feminine, playful and inspired by the world around us.

Proud to be stocked at Young British Designers


As protecting our planet becomes ever more important, at the heart of our brand is a determination to be sustainable and ethical without compromising on design and style. That's why we use organic cotton, recycled materials and only make a limited amount of pieces per line.

O U R  V A L U E S


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